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Edinburgh’s edition of 8 Hours Overtime For a Good cause – even though the first of its kind here, is by no means solitary 🙂

The event is part of a large set of events that happen all over the world, on the same day of the year (or to be more specific, the same night):

What are the origins of 8-i?

The project started out in 2004 as an initiative from Nieuwe Garde, a group of young creatives from the north of the Netherlands. It was a collaboration of several young minds who dedicated their free time to bring creatives together and meet each other by doing something good for the local community. At first it was semi-frequently organized and starting a few years ago, the annual date has been the last Friday of March – except if it’s the Easter, in which case it’s moved forward one week – as is the case in 2016. In the Netherlands people from all the major cities join every year, in 2012 the worldwide edition was a first with a total of 18 cities.

For a map of cities where it has been organised in the past, and the list of cities where 2016 editions will take place, click here.