Application Form – Volunteers

Most of us want to be challenged beyond our day to day professional responsibilities. Volunteering opportunities in which professionals can donate not just their time – but their expertise and enthusiasm, are experiences which give up the feeling of an altruistic contribution, knowing we have put forth the most valuable asset we have: our brain power, experience and passion.

On March 18th 2016, we are organising an event for professionals in and around Edinburgh: 8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause is a professional meetup where specialists in various business areas get together and deliver valuable solutions for NGOs  which need a helping hand and business counseling in order to meet their goals.

Instead of asking people to donate money, we ask professionals like yourself to donate their most valuable asset: their time and expertise.

You will be working from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am to solve a problem that a local NGO or charity is confronted with. Besides this practical goal, we wish for all participants to have a positive, enjoyable and valuable experience. We wish for everyone to enjoy their contribution to a helping a good cause, while meeting new and professionals, developing new skills, and enjoying how much can be accomplished in just 8 hours!

We are looking for: creative copywriters, witty web designers and developers, savvy marketeers, talented PR and communications specialists, friendly HR experts, clever strategic planning experts, enthusiastic fundraising, Customer Relationship Management and sales experts.

Last-minute applications welcome! To join one of the volunteering teams, fill out the form below; we process applications as they come in,  but we will contact you soon with details about the team and project you will be working on at the 8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause event.