8 Hours Overtime For A Good Cause is a yearly event at which people around the world get together in their own cities to donate 8 hours of their free time to local causes. The initiative supports young creatives worldwide to meet new friends and collaboratively support local charities.

For the first time in Edinburgh, a group of volunteers is working hard to make this event happen. On the 18th March 2016, starting at 7 pm, Edinburgh will have its very first edition of 8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause!

Donate your time and your creative skills

Instead of donating money for the causes we support, we are asking professionals of various trades to donate one evening of their time and use the best of their skills, experience and passion. Working together, they will deliver projects for NGOs and charities from the Edinburgh and Midlothian area.

Organised in teams, the professional volunteers work 8 hours to solve problems identified by local NGOs: from project managing to marketing strategies and campaigns, from websites to fund raising ideas, and anything in between.

Help local NGOs and Charities

The projects set before the volunteers will be chosen after a round of project appeal to local NGOs and Charities. A representative of each organisation will work with each team of volunteers; this way, the professional volunteers will have a handy resource to learn more about the deliverables needed, and the organisation they are competing this work for. At the same time, with a representative of the organisation on site, the teams will be able to deliver a feasible, realistic solution to the NGOs problem. We wish for the results of these projects to be assumed and implemented by the organisations, as soon as the work is completed at the end of the 8 hours.

Meet fellow professionals and have a meaningful experience

Besides delivering value to the organisations, we wish for all the participants in the event to have a positive experience, network with people in various industries and levels of experience.


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