10 Projects in Search of Creative Solutions – 8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause

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Charities, non-profits and social enterprises from and around Edinburgh had four weeks to submit their challenges, to be solved during Edinburgh’s first 8 Hours Overtime For a Good Cause, on March 18th. 

Following the selection process, here are the brief description of the 10 projects – and the professional skills required to deliver them:

A new mobile-friendly and web accessibility compliant website for Get2Gether

Get2gether is a Scottish charity which aims to offer social and friendship opportunities to adults with disabilities in Edinburgh and the Lothians. They need a new mobile-friendly website that also follows the Web Accessibility Initiative standard.

Participant skills needed: Web development (knowledge of web accessibility ideal), web design, content/copywriting


A new (animation) ad and supporting social media campaign for Scottish Adoption

Scottish Adoption is a national organisation delivering adoption services in Scotland. The charity needs an ad to help break common misconceptions about who can become an adoptive parent (LGBT people, single people, older people, people with birth children all rule themselves out assuming it is heterosexual couples without children who become adoptive parents).

Participant skills needed: Design, animation, content/copywriting, marketing, social media marketing


A brand messaging and communication guideline pack for The Teapot Trust

The Teapot Trust uses art therapy as a way of helping children and young people cope with long term medical conditions. They need a new brand messaging and communications pack, to help articulate the key messages about the organisation’s identity, constituents, and mission and vision, as well as a clear and concise elevator pitch to help promote their charity.

Participant skills needed: Brand identity, communication, content/copywriting, design, marketing


A new website, brand identity and marketing strategy for Freedom Unlimited Enterprise

Freedom Unlimited Enterprise is a local social enterprise whose mission is to provide employment for people who have criminal records and who want to break free from the re-offending cycle. They have two operational businesses: ‘Seamless Transitions’ – a sewing workshop that provides training and makes memory cushions and quilts for those who have lost loved ones; and ‘Young Leith Trades’ – where a number of young men are working in the property and building trade. The Teapot Trust needs a new website, a brand identity and marketing strategy to help promote their social enterprise idea and help more people get back on the right track with their lives. The charity needs help on developing their first website and logo, marketing strategy for promoting their services and an elevator pitch.

Participant skills needed: Web development, design, content/copywriting, marketing

(more about Freedom United Enterprise on firstport.org.uk)

A new website and marketing strategy for Tiphereth Trading

Tiphereth Trading is a social enterprise whose main aim is to offer employment opportunities for people with support needs, and part of the enterprise’s aim is to spread the message about the environment and sustainability. At the moment, Tiphereth Trading are in need of a new website, leaflets and a supporting marketing strategy to promote the business idea that fund their charity.

Participant skills needed: Web development, design, content/copywriting, marketing, brand identity


A recruitment campaign and web-tools to streamline the recruitment process for People Know How

People Know How is a social innovation organisation focused on helping and supporting children and young people in discovering and strengthening their assets. Their main challenge is the volunteer recruitment process which is time consuming and not as efficient as desired. The charity needs help to develop a recruitment campaign (text and images), and to develop a web-based tool to improve the efficiency of their recruitment process.

Participant skills needed: Recruitment specialist, web developer, design, content/copywriting, marketing


A rebranding and revision of website for Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network

Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network promotes, supports and helps develop the social enterprise sector in Edinburgh. They need a redesign of their website and brand identity to match and reflect their connection to their newer launched brand Buy The Good Stuff.

Participant skills needed: Brand identity, content, design, web development

(www.edinburghsocialenterprise.co.uk and www.buythegoodstuff.co.uk)

A new website template for Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling aims to challenge peoples’ perceptions of what cycling is and to put Edinburgh on the international map as a cycling city. They do this by holding an Edinburgh style festival which it is a real showcase for all aspects of cycle culture and the City of Edinburgh. The organisation needs help with finding / building a new template for their WordPress-based website, which would allow them to incorporate e-commerce and event organisation plugins.

Participant skills needed: Web development, web design, experience using wordpress platform, design


A new web accessibility compliant website and brand identity for Crossing Countries

Crossing Countries is a charity which wants to create equal opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to volunteer abroad together. They need a new website that complies with the Website Accessibility Initiative standards, is clean, professional and easy to navigate.

Participant skills needed: Web development (web accessibility knowledge idea), design, content/copywriting, marketing


A live donating process prototype for Sustainably

Sustainably is a newly launched social enterprise working to crate a simple way for individuals to donate to charities. The concept lets people donate spare change to charity with every purchase made by credit or debit card. With this neat idea in its very early stage, Sustainably needs help to develop a working prototype of this service, including: user signup, payment processing and distribution to charities, etc.

Participant skills needed: Front and backend development, payment processing, user experience.